I wish I looked that good covered in jelly: In defence of Amy McCrow

jelly, amy mcrow

I’ll pass, cheers

Amy McCrow is the girl who got smashed on £1.75 vodkas then stripped off in a paddling pool full of jelly in Cardiff’s Oceana nightclub last week. Unfortunately for Amy, she was filmed by a few drunk people in the crowd, while her friends watched on – apparently held back by the bouncers. Despite several girls being in that paddling pool, it was only Amy who was named, and the videos have gone viral.

Amy however has done the unthinkable and taken to Twitter to stand up to the people gleefully throwing the video around and abusing her, calling her ‘the Oceana sket’. By doing so she is facing up to her actions, showing she has a great sense of humour and also highlighting the fact that these pathetic people are just cowards hiding behind their Twitter anonymity. She’s even bantering about it, tweeting: “#oceanasket appearing live and fully clothed at #Therapy at #Glamnightclub Cardiff.”

All of us crave attention on some level. Who are we to judge Amy for taking things too far? I’d be delighted if one person – never mind an entire crowd – wanted to see me naked and covered in jelly. God knows how she still managed to look fit even covered in jelly with wet hair and her make-up running.

Amy you have got a lot of support out there, from the men who think you’ve got the best rack ever to the girls who feel either enraged on your behalf or really sympathetic, because we all know how it feels to be publicly insulted, called a slut, a slag or degraded in some way or another.

All of us do things we regret but no-one deserves to have their own moment of drunkenness/stupidity/madness bandied around on the internet for the rest of their lives. Some people have said Amy will find it impossible to get a job after this, but I disagree; Amy will win a lot of respect for coming out and facing the twitter taunts. If an employer was to come across the video then he would surely be able to look up her tweets from the time too, and realise how good-humoured she is – and how willing to account for her mistakes.


2 thoughts on “I wish I looked that good covered in jelly: In defence of Amy McCrow

  1. it happens to everyone and everyone ridicules everyone, it will blow over in time, im in the same uni as amy and honestly its old news and people who know her have said she is an attention seeker and people state she doesnt care so if people love or hate it her it doesnt matter as she got the attention she so desperately desired, but i must say fair play to her for having the courage (drunk or sober) to get naked in a night club despite public indecency laws !

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