The Metro

Brooks Newmark scandal copy

amazing women in 2014 copy

Gemma Collins weight attacks copy 2

male contraceptive pill copy

21 times we realised we were definitely Peep Show mark

russell brand importance earnest copy

sugar is killing us copy

Things brits say when it's cold copy

train fares go up privatisation copy

you are a feminist copy

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2 thoughts on “The Metro

  1. I’m not on social media but had to post this comment. Your post on Blur…all I can say is…spot on!! Blur are experimental and ground breaking in their music, Oasis rehashed the same formula many times and would not be able to compete in today’s market unless they changed their approach. Blur are still relevant and each member talented in their own right. Thank you for such a spot on article!

    • I loved both bands but Blur always had the edge for me and their music just takes me back. And I have to agree with you – they are still relevant whereas I can’t imagine Oasis creating anything so great now. Thanks for your comment!

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